“Wood takes 20 years or more to grow, so I wish my furniture to last this long.”

William Hakelbracht, founder, WØTI

Who we are is not important.

Wøti is all about making and doing, about preserving a craft... Wøti designs and builds bespoke freestanding and fitted furniture with a unique contemporary aesthetic centered around functionality .

Since launching Wøti in 2015, we have been specialising in order made furniture creating one of a kind pieces that are both timeless and innovative. We search for these dualities in every composition, attempting to create a beautiful union of contrasts by playing with different textures, qualities, but always with a dose of restraint. Creating a sort of off-grid luxury.

In our workshop, we carefully craft each piece by hand, overseeing the production from start to finish. Our raw materials are sourced as pure as possible and selected by quality only.

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