Cork, side tables



The expanded cork is made from crushed, clear cork granules. Clear cork granules are a 100% natural product derived from the bark of the cork oak.
Cork oak barking is done every 9 years and does not harm the tree. Harvesting the bark cannot therefore be regarded as a nature-devouring activity or nature theft.
The bark is first stripped of wood particles and afterwards, under the influence of the released heat, the cork cells enlarge and darken.
The proprietary, natural resins (suberin) ensure that the granules stick together to form a single block.
Afterwards, the blocks of expanded cork are cooled and sawn into different shapes and sizes.
Once sanded we seal the cork three times with a special product make it less porous.

Solid organic shapes out of expanded cork.
CK01 :  height = 24 cm

CK02 : height = 40 cm
CK03 : height = 32 cm

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